So much to do

So I've engaged a graphic designer to help me with logos and banners and such. So far the work is moving along well. Once I get everything done and in place, I'll announce with fanfare and trumpet her work directly. She's been great so far, taking my tenative suggestions and working with me. And she's fast, too!

I got a bit overwhelmed with the process of getting my Etsy business underway, but have figured out that if I stay focused on the Etsy site itself first I won't get overwhelmed. The ways and methods to promote & advertise on other mediums like Twitter and Blogger is huge and I want to take those steps, but not until I have an actual site to promote. Then I have to find the time to actually make more jewelry. Oh yeah, that's a problem I'd like to many sales that I run out of inventory!

An inventory list was started yesterday. I pulled everything I'm willing to sell together and have started an excel spreadsheet with pertinent information. Am polishing up my photography techniques as well.

Sterling and carnelian 2