1st day, new time schedule

Fairly successful.

Went up to continue with a piece at 9:30 and worked solid for an hour, then broke for a yogurt and checked email, etc. Back up and worked for another hour and checked again briefly. Lunch at 1:00 and another brief check. Called it quits when the piece was done and coincidentally it was 5:00.

As far as time management goes, it was good, but the bracelet I made doesn't work for me. I'll probably take it apart and use the elements separately so my whole day won't be wasted, but on its own it is a failure. Oh well. It's part of the process.

Today is for doing errands, lunching with a friend and maybe I'll start another piece. Have some ideas floating around that involve turquoise and lapis.

Anyway...be wise with your time today, peeps, and don't forget to enjoy what you do!


  1. Don't you hate spending all day on something and have to end up tearing it apart; but, like you said, it is part of the process.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of a bummer, but it's the only way to learn, perfect and find out if things really are cohesive. Sometimes the way in envision things just doens't jibe with reality. I can save the elements though, for another day. The thing I'm working on now is going to be amazing I think.


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