Days off

It seems strange to take time off from my newborn jewelry business when it's practically the only income I have these days, but I did. Felt myself running out of steam Friday and so did very little the next two days. No sales for days makes me sad and I have to strap down those feelings of inadequacy and loserdom. I know my work is good, I just need to try harder or find better avenues for promotion. Things will come together eventually, but I needed a break. I feel a little guilty, but I think it recharged my creative process a bit. There are a couple of ideas floating around in my head now that I will pull into the physical world. Plus I got to read a book. It was nice to escape into another world for a bit.

Speaking of books, my other blog is really feeling ignored lately so I must go post a couple of reviews.


  1. We seem to be on the same wavelength a lot lately. I'm feeling very sad and inadequate these days, also.

    I hope your few days off helped. I know they help me. I just have to watch that i make myself go back to work after a few days.

  2. There are days I just have to get away from it all. My muse needs a break and when she returns, things are a lot clearer. Hope your days off helped.


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