Going into the shop today

Couple of things. A bracelet that came out shorter than it has in the past since I changed up some of the jumprings and didn't hammer this one as I usually do. It barely fits me, but I can make extra links with no problem. I should probably do that before I list it though.

And the earrings I really like. I've been trying to incorporate these lustrous peacock pearls I got a while ago, but nothing seemed quite right, but this does. Have a few more ideas brewing about them as well.

Got a bit depressed and unmotivated yesterday. Will have to really watch that. Decided to go back to pilates. There's got to be a class around here somewhere, but I'll start a routine at home. I remember most of the forms and have a routine online that I can follow. I think if I felt better in body, I might feel better in mind and spirit.


  1. Oh, that bracelet is too cute! Great job. And what's with us being on the same wavelength? I just sat here and thought - I should really start some kind of yoga or something. It would make me feel better.


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