Time management and the small business

Phew. I've been doing this my own business thing for about a month now and I feel sort of successful, but sort of not. It's funny how working for others really makes you diligent about your time. Mostly because you'll probably get into some kind of trouble if you're not. It's all about accountability. So who is holding me accountable now?

The truth is, I should be more intelligent about where and how I spend my time. Lately I think I've been doing a lot more promoting than creating and that can't be good for long. Soon anyone who visits my shop will be bored by the scanty selection. That's not how to get sticky eyeballs on your site.

So I've been thinking of devising a schedule for myself. Nothing hugely rigid, but one that keeps me on task and away from the computer which my biggest time suck. I have a loose plan in my head about where I want to take my business, but I think I need to write it out and set some goals. Then the schedule should follow according to those goals.

For example, I wanted to make some money so that I could continue to buy supplies even though someone took my job away. I listed lots of lovely things that I had already made and some that I hadn't and it worked after tooting my own horn to some people. I just received some new wire and will soon put in an order for some beads in a gorgeous color scheme. My simple promotion plan worked, but I want a wider audience so I've scoped out a few blogs that I want to buy ad space on and also have a plan to network with some folks I know IRL. But this requires more inventory and diversity of product. In order to get that I need to create and produce more and be on the computer promoting less. I need to be accountable to myself. This is my job and it needs to work.

So when I'm on the computer, it has to be for a certain set of tasks and follow ups. Say for 2 hours in the morning after I get up and then enforced stop and set to making new products. When there are orders to go out, pack them in the morning so they can get in the mailbox in time. Break for lunch and check digital venues again. After this, say an hour, I go back to working on new pieces.

These days I find myself on the computer for 12 hours and that's a sure way to burnout. So before this happens I'll take myself in hand and get more done in the same amount of time. Wish me luck!


  1. Balance....its all about balance!! (and accountability) I hope your find your right mix and meet all your goals! :)

  2. I found I had that problem, too. It got to the point where my husband would start pointing it out. I met some really great people online since I started my business and a lot of time I have to force myself to step away from the computer.

    I have even gone as far as turning off my monitor so I couldn't see the email alerts from the sewing machine.

    The simple mom has a good to do list type thing that I've found helpful http://simplemom.net/daily-docket/. I don't use that exact one, but I do use something similar.

    Good luck.


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