Just in

time for spring. Another semi-set. I didn't put them in the shop that way, but separated them. The earrings were a trial run for another pair I made for a friend's daughter's birthday. I usually try out new designs in non-precious wire first, that way if I goof, it's an inexpensive goof. But they came out perfect and looked so nice that I decided to keep them instead of taking them apart. When I put them side by side with the sterling silver pair, I couldn't tell the difference.

I'm selling them as howlite though, not as the "tangerine turquoise" they were sold to me as. Turquoise is the color it is - aqua, green and blue - because of copper. It's shades of verdigris folks and so anything else - purple, pink or yellow - is not turquoise. It might have been mined near turquoise, but the lack of a copper deposit makes it something else. Not that it's a bad thing, just don't get fooled, ok. The bracelet does use real turquoise though and it's listed as such. I like them both and can't wait until it's warm out.