Photographic evidence

Of course that phrase doesn't mean much these days when CGI and Photoshop rule the galaxy. But I'm an old-school holdover to a large degree. I prefer to do most of my work in camera and not post-production. Just me. Not to say that I don't use Photoshop and other editors. I do, but only to adjust to reality when things go a bit awry. Nothing major, I haven't got the patience.

So I've been meaning to shoot some things using my old lightpanel that I used when I shot slides. It's very spectrum neutral (as it has to be for slide sorting) and has a nice shiny surface that adds reflections to the picture. I also think that it helps give a polished look to the photos.

So...thoughts? Are these improvements over the others that I've done? A step in the right direction? I think so, but hell, what do I know?


  1. love the pieces,.. the 1st pr of earrings are beautiful!!


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