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Slumpity, slump slump

I'm out of it! The slump that is.

For a while there I just didn't feel like making anything. Felt like nothing gelled. Nothing inspired. Nothing seemed worth it. Got lazy and crabby. Unmotivated and unconvinced I have any talent at all. I've never put myself out there in this way before and I think it's a natural phase of doing so. The whole time I knew that if I didn't keep working, it would fade. The creativity engine takes a lot to crank over cold so it's best to leave it running. Unfortunately my engine was pretty much out of gas.

Part of it was just getting out of the chair I'm sitting in now. It's an Eames Lounge Chair that I bought myself for my 40th birthday last year. Ever since I first saw one when I was 18 or so, I've lusted after one. Normally I'm not a furniture snob, but I figured what the hell - you only turn 40 once (and it was a bargain compared to the BMW I bought myself when I turned 30). So when I get in this iconic wonder, I can hardly get myself out of it. But it's not my desk. It's not my creative space. What I needed to do was shift myself upstairs; back to my bench. It worked and I made 3 new things today.

Today I also learned 11 more people were laid off from the same company I was, including some folks I thought were totally safe. It helped me realize that it wasn't personal (even though it felt like it at the time) and that I'm glad I'm not there any longer. I can't even imagine the morale - lowest of the low, I'm sure.

Now is the time for me to network. To be excited. To empower and be empowered. To find a new community and I've taken a few more steps in that direction. Stay tuned.


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