Gearing up

It's mostly together, but because of where it has to go (in front of a window that needs staining) it will be delayed. I'm VERY excited about it though. A proper bench where I can stand and work. Big metal drawers. Places for hooks, but I can see the cats just loving that and knocking everything off, so we might not use that option. 6 feet long, 18 inches wide. Solid maple top. It will be sweet. I'll post pictures when it's fully together and in place.

Also put in an order for some more beads. Not a ton, but some. Am working with an old colleague to put my jewelry into her spa that's opening on the 5th and I want to build up some inventory for her. It's an expense, but she insists she doesn't want a cut of the sales so I may be solvent with these purchases sooner rather than later. Good thing, too since I need more wire.