I've been working

Really I have. Grand new workbench and all, I'd better be. I have so much space now, but am trying my hardest to not let it get out of hand. You should have seen my old desk...cluttered to the point where I couldn't actually work. I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean. Leftovers from finished work, parts of pieces that stalled or didn't quite gel, scraps of wire and stones grouped together in little "ideas", sketches, scraps...it's crazy.

So anyway...I've been working on inventory for a consignment deal that is in the works and here's what I have for her -

The double drop leaf earrings are near duplicates of the ones in the shop...she liked them so I made another pair. The rest is just me fooling around. It's tough to know ahead of time what the potential clientele will want, so I'm doing a lot of different things. This assumes anything will sell at all.

I also have some counter cards in the works. Postcards with photos of my work and business information. These will be at the spa in lieu of business cards and also my hairdresser said she'd put some at her station for me. Sweet. I hope it works. Sales have been super slow. Oh, I just remembered I have to try to print out my hang tags to see if they will work. So much to do.

There is also another really big thing in the works, but it's not 100% yet (I should know today) and so I don't want to let the rabbit out of the hat quite yet.