My new workspace

So we finally got the window stained (still no window treatments or anything thing at a time folks!) and can get my new bench into place. Here it is!

It's almost 6-feet of solid maple with huge drawers. I can stand or sit on a stool to work. After going outside to make a necklace that required hammering, I definitely see the advantage to standing for some things. I'm a bit intimidated by it and will have to actually work at it for a bit to see where best to stow what. My Bisley cabinet remains though - I love that thing. Good for packaging supplies, pens, scissors, wire, calculator etc.

Primo worksurface! excuse for idleness now!


  1. OMG....what a great-looking space and I love the desk and top...almost too pretty to work on :-)

  2. I can only dream of having my own space like this...envious! envious! :D


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