I've taken the plunge

into the 1000 Markets pool. After kicking around the idea of the shop for a while and how (and if) I would distinguish it from my Etsy shop, I decided on an approach and have made my first official listings there. No listing fee is a bonus for me right now as I'm dead broke. Hopefully I can make an impression and gain some customers. These are the first two items I made especially for the shop -

As you might see, I've improved my photography a bit as well. Since 1000 Markets approaches their merchants differently, I think it's an important step to fitting into this new venue. My strategy for this shop is going to be different from Etsy and hopefully others will pick up on my secret-ninja stylings. Here's the link if you're curious -the Wire Smith 1KM Shop

Anyway...gotta get my butt outta this chair and walk a few miles and then probably hit the bench for more creations. I've got this idea brewing...


  1. I love your new earrings. I too have been kicking around the idea of opening a shop on 1000 Markets - in fact I got as far as signing up with Google for payments; I guess I need to re-think it.

  2. Hey thanks girl. You mean Amazon payments, right? That's how 1000 Markets works. I wish it were paypal, but oh well.


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