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Less than a week

Lately I've been devoting my time to producing work for sale in a spa that's opening soon. It's tough to know what will sell ahead of time in this market, so I'm making a variety of things (many photos posted to my portfolio here). This means my online shops have been quiet and nothing new has hit them for a while. If business takes off, I'll know better where to spend my time, but for now it's tough filling all the mouths.

Here's some shots of some new things for the spa -

I just love my little hang tags and stuff. I'm using 26ga brass wire to hold them onto the bracelets and stuff. Kind of funny and I don't know that I'll continue, but I was at a loss the other day and duh - I'm the Wire Smith for heaven's sake.

Anyway...I'm off to my mom's. She's helping me make a bracelet display for the spa.


  1. LOOKS great! I love your, logo - the whole enchilada!!!

  2. I love your hang tags also!! where or how did you go about getting them? I want to do something similar with mine.. instead of the plan jane fuzzy kind!!


  3. how did you get the facebook link to your fan page on your blog?? I also have a fan page and would like to advertise but I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing... thanks for your help


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