Just where the hell have I been?

Yeah, I've been neglecting this. Sorry. Life intrudes.

Now that I've completed my certificate in project management I've turned up the 'looking for a real job' to high. It's time consuming. I also have taken a freelance job to manage a project for some people and that takes some of my time as well. The job hunt is depressingly slow and I feel like I'm sending my resume into black holes. It's hard to stay positive and keep one's energy up in this market.

Strangely enough, someone found my resume on Monster & called for an interview. Met with him today and it went rather well. He wants to have another meeting on Friday after the first round of his interviews as a whole. Promising. It's definitely a job I can do and would like to do. The physical location will be strange though; in the offices of a company I used to work for. With folks I used to work with (including my brother). I won't be employed by that same company, but my desk will be right in the thick of things with them. Could be kind of fun.

This hasn't resulted in a burst of creativity on the jewelry side either. I have made a few pieces, but haven't photographed or listed them yet on either of my shops. The weather has been so crappy and overcast that it's literally dark all the time compared to how it should be. I did order some more wire though and a sales lady in Macy's complimented me on the jewelry I was wearing today, so that was a nice boost in the validation department. Gave her a card. Glad I had a couple on me.

So that's what's going on. I'm not dead. Just otherwise occupied. Cheers all!