Frigging hot

OMG summer has finally hit in New England. First 90+ degree days this year. About time. I'm not one of those people who bitches about a season acting like what it is. I expect summer to be hot and humid. I expect winter to be cold and snowy. That's what New England is like.

But sure makes it impossible to work. My bench is in the loft and totally without AC. I got in a few minutes the other day, but started to sweat and ew; I had to stop. So creating anything new is going to be on hold until things cool down about 10 degrees. I'm trapped in the two rooms with AC units and working from here is too awkward...besides, one of the things I'm experimenting with requires me to use my vise.

I've been reading and watching TV (NCIS overload!!!) and am going to dive into some marketing duties for the wimmins over at A Perfect Pair Earring Market on 1000 Markets. It will give me something to do and a way to make sure my brain doesn't start to leak out my ears.

So anyone with AC in their workspace rejoyce! This girl is jealous.