Good things come

to those who wait.

My torch arrived and I've been messing with it. Have to lock up the cats while I use it since they really like to jump up on my workbench. Just what I need; to set a cat on fire. Pests. Nothing I fused so far is worth using in a piece except some headpins which I'll be using in this -

as soon as the jumprings are hard enough to work with (tumbling as I type), I'll assemble and put it up in the shop. Which shop I don't know. Probably 1000 Markets.

Etsy won't be neglected however, this piece will end up there. It's a pendant that will be suspended from leather cord just as soon as I get that part done.

It came out exactly perfect from what kept spinning around and around in my head as I tried in vain to sleep last night. Still more ideas lurk and yearn for the light of day. I'll be playing with the torch especially since a lot of what I want to do depends on developing my skill with that tool.

Speaking of tools, don't you hate waiting for them to arrive? I ordered some specialty pliers that didn't ship right away and probably won't arrive until tomorrow. To make up for it though, I found out that in my little micro-file set I have a couple of round ones and some flat curved ones that will be perfect for finishing up the fused rings I've made. They're good enough for me to wear and to experiment with. I always experiment on myself. Guinea pig me.

Anyway, that's it for now.


  1. I'm glad your torch came. I have a question though, I have been selling on etsy for about 3-4 months, and just recently opened the artfire shop. Do you not list the same items in each store? If not, how do you decide which shop to list it in, and how is 1000 markets? ( i haven't checked it out yet) Do you like it? sorry for all the questions!

  2. No worries, I sometimes list the same item on both, but only if I can easily make an exact duplicate. Primarily I'm keeping them separate to feed two separate styles of design; very modern at 1000 Markets, a bit looser on Etsy. I am thinking about doing a Modern Primitive collection on 1000 Markets though and have put one item up there so far, but haven't officially created the collection.

  3. Great question...I've got more than one shop and I have come to no conclusion. But, your's makes complete sense. It allows you some freedom and each can have a different "feel". Envious of you torch women. I have a kiln. Thought it was broken...lost 20 grams of silver clay...OUCH.Husband came home and got it working. But, now I need to get more...

  4. Ouch is right. A kiln is a neato tool, don't be envious; celebrate what it can do.


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