My other creative side

After a marvelous burst of activity, I've backed off the jewelry thing for a bit. I have one idea rolling around in my head for a piece and enthusiasm for making it is building, but not there yet. Plus nothing has sold in ages so my inventory level is quite adequate. Maybe with Christmas coming it will change, but whatever, I'm over it.

So I've gone back to one of my first loves; photography.

I got my first good camera, an Olympus OM-G 35mm SLR, when I was a sophomore in HS and have remained an Olympus bigot ever since. In 2005 I bought my very first digital body, an Olympus E-300, and sadly haven't really put any miles on it. My photo disease comes and goes and I was in a fallow period when I bought it, so that's sort of why. Only recently have I really begun messing with it and my old lenses. Too bad I'm unemployed or I'd pick up a few new toys for it. Since I am though, I'll just have to live with what I have.

There's a group of folks on Flickr who get together to shoot around the state and yesterday I joined them on the seacoast. It wasn't my most productive day, but I did have fun and came up with a couple shots that didn't suck. Maybe I'll start a photography blog...I don't know. I don't really need another online time-suck, but yesterday was my first experience with group photography and it helped me see myself as a photographer more clearly. I'm such a loner that I'd never been able to directly compare how I approach my art and how others do. Yesterday gave me some insight into that and I'm grateful for it since I was feeling a bit lost as a photographer.

Sooo...will I make jewelry again? Of course, but for now the photography thing is waxing and I'll indulge it while it's here.


  1. Kris - I enjoyed your photos. It is wonderful to see how we can be creative is so many different avenues. One avenue enriches the other. So indulge and enjoy!


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