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First Art Show

Yes I still make jewelry and surprise, surprise, people actually want to buy it. After an idle year with no output, I was invited to a couple of shows.

A friend of mine is a painter who shares a studio with a photographer. They were participating in an open studio walk and I was asked to put a table in. Not having done a show ever before, I was really unsure what to expect. I didn't have a 'professional' looking set up, but people bought and I made a few hundred dollars.


I'm floored. I know my stuff is good, but to have other people ooh and aww and then pull out their wallets was quite another thing. All the turmoil I put myself through over price-setting was completely irrelevant. Not one person commented on my pricing one way or another; they just paid.

I have another more craft-oriented show coming up this weekend, but my expectations aren't on par with the open-studio walk. The type of people who come to an artist's studio are very different from the ones who go to craft shows in strip malls. It should be a very educational experience though.

My displays are at least nice. Dark red/burgundy velvet covered wood panels with hooks for necklaces and bracelets - made by my dad - they show the work well. An antique printer's box for standing up earrings on cards. I need a better tablecloth though - the one I had didn't fit the table! Ha! I should have checked it out before hand. Funny. It didn't matter at all though.

So, this is my new endeavor...the art/craft show. I don't know if I'll do more, but I might. The fact that people can see and handle my work is really key. Online is one thing, but in person is another. Plus they can talk to me and ask questions. So nice.

I sort of regret not taking pictures of some of the items that sold beforehand, but it's no big deal. They were fun pieces and I know their new owners will love them.


  1. Congrats to you!! How fun!? I've found that it's difficult to judge a show before you do it... I have yet to find a show that went over *really* well, so job well done!

    What I've learned from past shows is that pictures are a great thing to bring back. I always take pics of my booth. So I recall what the items were, and refer to what set-up works best...

  2. How nice!! I would love to participate in such a show one day. I hope you do many more of these and sell lots!


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