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Back to the bench

It isn't perfect.
It isn't well stocked.
It isn't organized.

But it's great to be back.

I spent some time down there making these -

Aren't they cute? Sterling silver hook and eye clasps. Very easy to make so that's where I started. It's funny how I used to just be able to do them without thinking, but now I follow a book's technique to get it right. And I used to know by experience how much wire would be taken up at any point on my pliers. Now, not so much.

But my hammering technique came back to me. And why I bought a different hammer than the first one I tried. That one leaves to many marks in the metal and I prefer a smooth finish, not one with little dents.

Am definitely in need of some more half-hard wire. Everything I have is dead soft. Some supplies are on the way, but not wire since I hadn't really looked at what I had or need. I'll feel my way through. Am debating whether to buy a new tumbler since the one I have is very old and parts inside have become rusty. Maybe with a good cleaning it will be ok. Works good though and I'm glad I didn't toss it in the move.

Also took a trip down memory lane with my jewelry making library. Good thing there are projects for beginners in there that I like. I feel like I'm starting all over again. Some things I've made before, and sold, are going to get made again, but this time I'm sticking to things I would actually wear. I need to sharpen up my brand and my style and doing that will definitely help me focus. Which reminds me, I need to write down who my ideal customer is. That's key to making sure you find the right audience for your stuff.

So much to be done, but so much fun!


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