Sacrificial lambs

As a creative person you try anything, right? You make an item, sometimes just to learn a technique or because you saw something similar or thought it would be great, but it turns out not to be.

We've all done it, but sometimes those things have to go on the block.

The other day I found a necklace that I'd strung ages and ages ago and it never sold. No wonder since it was old fashioned, boring and something your grandma would probably wear in the 1970s.

So I took it apart and put the components back into inventory. I did it again with a necklace I'd saved for myself but actually wore like once or twice. Plus other things I've never worn.

Sometimes it's the only way. Clinging to a piece that never sells out of sentimental reasons is just plain silly. We all grow and improve and sometimes those early works are just plain embarrassing. I know mine are. Learning curves just shouldn't be seen sometimes.

It's all part of defining your style and by extension your brand. I'm going to be pretty ruthless with myself in this effort. If it doesn't fit my vision - out it goes. Maybe to a fire sale section or to be reworked, but if it doesn't represent, it isn't going in the shop.

So that's my tip for today - define your style, don't get attached to pieces that don't work. Be ruthless.