My workspace

So there was a thread a while back on the Etsy forums for folks to show their workspaces. Here's mine.

Let's get Larry out of the way...he's my snuggler, sometime "helper", midnight howler and all around good guy.

Shelves, organizers and a pig!

Plus my Bisley cabinet which I love.

The desk is older than dad made it when he was like 20 or something. Once mom got a rolltop desk I grabbed it and I can't part with it even if it is a hideous green.

It's on the 2nd floor which is a big loft kind of area. I've got a skylight and a window behind and to the left of my chair. Big old (and I mean old) stereo and turntable which gets a workout sometimes.

I do need another shelf near me because I find I just don't have enough room to put stuff down lenses and photography stuff mostly. But it works for now.


  1. Looks like a great place to create and Larry looks like a great helper.


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