A new gig

So hey check it out. Tim @ Found-Handmade was looking for some people to help out on his most excellent blog and since I already follow it I decided to muster for it. My first spotlight went up today, it's called Reaching.

I name all of my pieces after songs and so have decided to continue with spotlights. Reaching is a song by a Finnish metal band called Blake.

Anyway, the spotlight started out with 3 items I hearted over at Etsy. Those I found by pure serendipity, the others I put together with the purpose of rounding out the collection. I LOVE the fact that one of them is a notebook skin, something seldom seen in the handmade oeuvre.

Don't expect the usual stuff in my spotlights - they will be hard-edged and weird, that's for sure.

Anyway, here it is -