Back at the bench

Took the weekend off. Didn't make a thing even though a batch of beads arrived. Very glad it did since it included some bead caps I need to complete a necklace that's been in the works a while. It's really elegant and simple, but I'm not sure if I should list it on Etsy or if I should put it in the spa where many other pieces are headed. It opens next week!

So to go along with my merchandise, I've had the lovely and talented Miss Helen put together some post card designs for me. I'll post pictures when they arrive since the files she sent me get totally distorted when I use them online. I'm going to use them as counter cards - sort of like an oversized business card or a small flyer. An ad basically.

Oh and the big thing that was in the works has come to pass. I've decided to make a career change and go back to school. At least for a little while. My first class starts next Thursday. I'm a bit nervous, but it's an adult education deal, so I won't be in a room of 20-year-olds. UMass is the school I've chosen and I'll be going during the day since I have time. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a qualification that I lack now. The lack is preventing me from going where I want to go careerwise and I'm really hoping that with it I can do some contract work. Since being so royally screwed by my last emloyers (who have known me for well over a decade and I thought were my friends) I'm not anxious to put myself in so vulnerable a position again. Contracting might be a way to remain independent, but provide income. Wish me luck.