More Consignment Creations

The official opening day for my friend's spa is May 18th - 2 weeks away. She generously bought some displays despite my protests that, since it was my work and she didn't even want a percentage of sales, I should buy them. So I've put a few sets together to feature in her shop.

This one is jasper, I think. Certainly will need to verify before putting it up for sale. Sterling silver throughout. The beads are gorgeous and earthy and I like the little square beads between the stones on the bracelet - different from the usual round ones.

This set is made of rhodochrosite and pearls. The clasp is made from sterling silver and is accented with some coordinating seed beads. Since the bracelet itself is a bit on the fancy side, I thought that it needed a clasp that would not have to be hidden and I think it works. Matching earrings also in sterling silver. I think it is feminine and substantial at the same time.

This set is amazonite, smoky quartz and a kind of false jade. The colors just pop and I've interspersed them with sterling silver rounds. Again, the clasp is customized for the bracelet with complementary seed beads and wirework that gives it visual interest. All sterling.

Today I'll make a few more things - some of which will go into the Etsy shop even though there hasn't been much interest in my work there. No sales for a while. Hopefully my being the Artisan item of the Day today will get some traffic over there and maybe result in sales.

Check it out!