Luxurious Necklace - in the Beginning There was Silver

The way this piece came together was magical. It was as if I was under the guidance of a Greek Muse maybe Melete. Normally I picture a design in my head, sometimes make sketches, sometimes make prototypes in cheap wire, then I put the real piece together. Not this time.

I wanted to use the aqua and brown cane glass, but not another bracelet or earrings. I already had 6 rings fused by the time I started to really envision the necklace as a whole - I wanted two rows of links, one set higher than the other. The idea of circles hadn't solidified and quickly turned to ovals...hammered ovals in two sizes...with a twist. Only two fusing failures marred my process and so the fluid vibe of creation flowed on.

Choosing among the glittering cane glass beads was easy and I found matched pairs that balanced the color scheme of the piece. I even had the perfect number of fluted sterling beads to add some dash. How often does that happen? When it came time to decide on what to hang the two rows of ovals and glass, I remembered some sterling chain that had been kicking around my stash for over a year. It was perfect.

Now for the clasp; something simple but easy to grasp behind one's neck...or for a man's fingers to get a hold of.

After tumbling I put it on the form and it needed remarkably little adjustment. It drapes fluidly and has lots of movement and shine; just what I wanted.

I hope someone falls in love with it as I have. It's in the 1000 Markets shop.


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